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my-VITA is your personal portfolio in which you can collect all evidences of skills, competences, and everything
you find important to share. It is the development space for your projects and ideas.

my-VITA supports professional networking. On a joint marketplace it connects European stakeholders, be it interns
(students or post graduates) with potential host enterprises and entrepreneurs, for instance in the EDUCCKATE
project or stakeholders in the ERASMUS for Young Enterpreneurs (EYE) programme or members of the GINCO

my-VITA comes with an interface to the LEVEL5 system that supports you to make your social, personal and
organisational competences visible and connects them in an evidence based way to your CVs, for instance via
the my-VITA EUROPASS plugin.

my-VITA was created in the framework of the VITA project funded by the European Commission
and is maintained and further developed by the European REVEAL network.