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GINCO - European Network of KA1 course providers for adult educators

The GINCO-my-VITA site provides a publishing and networking space for International in-service training providers.

  1. In the European course area (green button) an overview of high quality  KA1 courses can be found.
  2. Adult education organisations and schools with a KA1 grant can browse the site and find course offers that match their needs. We encouage also the sending organisations to establish tehir profile and formulate their needs in the blue section (overview of eductaional institutions)
  3. Course providers can publish their courses (after login to my-VITA) in the internal community section (click on the green arrow to reach a profile pattern).
  4. Adult education organisations and schools with a KA1 grant can also also publish their profiles and needs in the blue section (blue arrow to reach a profile pattern).
  5. Gradually a course quality assessment system will be installed, based on course document analysis, interviews of participants and the use of evaluation and validation instruments.
  6. The course organisers will also be able to use the LEVEL5 software to validate and certify the learning outcomes of their course participants, with direct export facilities to Europass and/or ECVET.

Hence the GINCO platform serves as an attractive virtual market place for KA1 course providers and their clients and offers instruments to validate learning outcomes and competence development, which is a precondition for a successful application in KA1. The GINCO website ( offers useful documents and tools to support course providers in their care for quality. 


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