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Below you find a list of educational institutions that received KA1 mobility grants or intend to apply for grants. 

The overview list presents: Name, descriptions (intentions and CPD needs), locations and a link to the institution' details in the my-VITA profile or on the homepage of the educational institution.

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We offer a community for like-minded educational institutions that intend to cooperate on the European level in the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme.
We follow a cross-sectoral approach offering learning and development space and ist community to Schools, Adult (AE), Vocational and Higher (HE) Education institues as well as for youth and sports organisations and their related networks.
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BUPNET (Educational and Project Network)


25 years experience in AE and VET in different sectors like environment, health, social and intercultutal themes, IT, tourism, CSR, entrepreneurship etc.

15 staff members who are especially interested in:

  • didactics
  • validation of competences
  • IT based learning
  • open and competence driven learning
  • language learning


  • Göttingen
  • Lüneburg


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