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Concept of the panel (Details)

The idea of the panel was to introduce the state of play from the CEDEFOP perspective, to shed a light on the IMPACT report, based on an online survey of 188 educational experts in 15 EU countries on their understanding of validation in connection with COL and learning technologies, the practical application of valiation in connection with CPD in the large German Adult Educators' sector (>500.000 professionals) and the chances and opportunities of validation in the HR sector.

Panelists (Details)

Ernesto Villalba-Garcia
CEDEFOP Thessaloniki, Greece

Georgios K. Zarifis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Carmen Biel
German Institute for Adult Education, Bonn, Germany

Olga Mineva
CATRO Sofia, Bulgaria

Tim Scholze (Moderation)
REVEAL Göttingen & DIE-Bonn, Germany


Video of the discussion (Details)

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