....The Poster Exhibition

Parallel to the conference there was a poster exhibition of the sub-projects carried out in PROMOTE and IMPACT for the winner projects and for OWL.

Innovative approaches to COL and Validation have been presented thereon and present the concepts, actions and outcomes of each of the projects on a glance.

There will be a specific website for all projects soon. This website shall become a growing inventory for European projects that work on holistic approaches promoting new ways of learning and validation.

You can enlarge and download the posters by clicking on the images.

Please note that all materials presented here are available under CC-BY-ND-NC licence.

AUTh Internship (Details)

LKKS: Refugee Project (Details)

Trendhuis - T4yT (Details)

SOCOCO+ Poster (Details)

blinc: social competences in VET (Details)

SSSA (Uni Pisa): EUROPASS with Evidence (Details)

Vilnius University: Intercultural Competences (Details)

Vilnius University #2: Problem Solving (Details)

Zourna Stay or Go (Details)

die Berater: Teamwork (Details)

IPL: Client Orientation (Details)

Radar Poster (Details)

Materahub Poster (Details)

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