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We have been invited for a blog post in EPALE in March 2017 on the theme of "How can learning technologies promote innovative and holistic learning approaches and contribute to the validation of competences acquired through informal learning?"

We happiliy contributed with the findings, results and outcomes of IMPACT which has now become a good-practice example of how to tackle validation with support of digital learning.


IMPACT at the Online Educa 2016

The OWL project, cooperation partner of IMPACT currently presented its innovative learning and validation project at the online EDUCA, Berlin

and re-launches the online survey for International experts on VINFL and learning technologies!

Click here

to access the survey




Final conference documentation


The final conference of IMPACT took place on Sept. 22nd and 23rd 2016 in Thesaloniki, Greece.

By following this link you get to the conference documentation, where you find the programme and all presentations held during the two days event.

And the award goes to …


Life is beautiful – This was again the motto of this third edition of our European award La VITA è bella!.

The six lucky winners were celebrated during the 7th REVEAL conference in Thessaloniki on 22./23.09.2016. And the award goes to …

Go2Learn – A start-up initiated by Trendhuis in Belgium.
It supports 1-6 months international internships for students and post-graduates from Europe India and China. The programme has a strong focus on focus on CSR (corporate social responsibility) and comes with a LEVEL5 competence validation.

European School of Difference
The ESD project is coordinated by Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, the house of art and culture, freedom and friendhsip. ESD aims to merging theory and practice-based learning towards a more inclusive society. The project promotes the Europe-wide debate about togetherness and belonging, bringing together academia and third sector organisations in 3 Peer Exchange Platform (PEP) conferences.

The Plus of SOcial-COmmunicative-COmpetencies is a draft start-up of a team of three German Master Students  at the University of Duisburg Essen in one of the first graduate courses on VINFL in Europe.
The SOCOCO+ team has developed a system to promote the acquisition and assessment of social and personal competences in entreprises with a holistic learning and validation approach.

Radar stands for “Regulating AntiDiscrimination and AntiRacism” and it is an ERASMUS+ project coordinated by the  UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI PERUGIA and Key & Key communications. It has developed a course to provide law enforcement officials and legal professionals with the necessary tools, mainly through open training activities, aimed at facilitating the identification of ‘racial’ motivated hate communication, based on the GINCO quality criteria including LEVEL5 validation of competences.

This project from Hans Th. Hjorth, Aarhus Business College, Denmark under the PIU programme sends out Danish undergraduates to internati. Hosts (who are warmely invited to connect to Hans, if interested) get a committed young person for one year who tales back the rich professional skills to Denmark.

Drama in Education

Drama in Education is project by Christina Zourna from the 19th Marasleio General School of Thessaloniki. It is a concept which uses theatre techniques as very efficient training methods that can be applied in various educational contexts.

INVITATION to the 7th REVEAL conference


After two years of collaboration the IMPACT partnership invites you to its final conference under the roof of REVEAL, the Research and Evaluation Group for Validation, Evidencing and Assessing of Informal and Non-formal Learning.

It will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece on Sept. 22nd and 23rd, 2016.

Find the conference programme here.

La VITA è bella! – European Award


3rd edition of the award La VITA è bella! – open for submission now!

 The IMPACT teams looks forward to learning about your projects and concepts that promote the development of competences in a holistic way and include practical cases on how learning outcomes and competence developments within this specific competence area can be assessed and evidenced also beyond the walls of formal education.

Find all details here.

Training course on the Validation of non-formal and informal learning in Peniche, Portugal


In the early days of March 2016 the IMPACT training course was held in the wonderful premises of the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologica do Mar in Peniche, which is a branch of the Instituto Polytecnico de Leiria,  on the coast of the Atlantic.   


25 participants from overall 10 European countries came together for 5 days to explore the potentials of competence oriented learning in connection with competence validation in their diverse working contexts.

The presentations held during the course can be found in the course section of the IMPACT learning space.

IMPACT partners at the 6th REVEAL conference in Mechelen


After a nice partner meeting in the historic castle of Alden Biesen, where one of the IMPACT partners is located, the partnership used the occasion to jointly participate in the 6th European conference of the REVEAL Network, which represents Validation experts from all over Europe. The conference took place in the framework of the PROVIDE project and was held on Sept. 17th and 18th in the nearby town of Mechelen.

REVEAL is the Research and Evaluation Group for Validating, Evaluating and Assessing Informal and Non-formal Learning represented in 20 European member states. REVEAL owns the LEVEL5 validation system, which is used in IMPACT too.

You reach the conference documentation by following this link.

Findings of the IMPACT research phase


More than 250 professionals from different fields of education across Europe have taken part in the IMPACT survey and answered the questions.

in addition partners carried out desk researches on the state of implementation of ECVET in their countries and interviewed experts from the field.

Our Greek partner Georgios Zarifis from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki has analysed the data and created a presentation which highlights the main findings.

Have a look here: impact-stocktaking-results

Invitation to participate in the IMPACT online survey


IMPACT is a research and development project that analyses web-supported learning and teaching in connection with the validation of learning outcomes. It aims at understanding how educational professionals use web-based learning environments and Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as approaches and instruments for validation of learning outcomes in their practice. The project aims at creating a holistic learning and validation environment and interfaces between existing web-based learning and validation instruments. This system shall be developed based on the feed-back and the requirements from practice – therfore we highly appreaciate your input and expertise. You may participate and support us on different levels:

  • Answer the questionnaire.
  • Take part in the My VITA Award about innovative approaches connecting competence based learning and validation.
  • Register to an individual or focus group interview in connection with the IMPACT webinar.

The online survey at hand consists of 4 parts: Introduction and demographic data; Utilisation of web-supported learning environments and OER; Validation of learning outcomes and connection to web-based learning, Establishment of a web-based validation instrument to connect learning assessment and validatio.

It will take you approximately 15 min to complete it and it will be open for answers until June.The results will be published here in August 2015.

Thanks a lot for your committment! Your IMPACT team

IMPACT kick-off meeting


In February 2015 the IMPACT partners met for the first time in Alden Biesen, Belgium to discuss how the ambitious programme of the project can be brought to practice. The acronym stands for “IT based Methodology for Promoting, Assessing and validating Competence oriented learning and Training”

The project consortium consists of ten European institutions from Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Germany. They share the goal to develop methodologies to foster and validate competence oriented learning and e-learning in different sectors of education and to give credit to learners through competence validation. IMPACT will promote validation as future tool in qualifications and CPD in VET and for courses for educational professionals of the Comenius and Grundtvig community.













The consortium

The consortium



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