IMPACT - IT based Methodology for Promoting, Assessing and validating Competence oriented learning and Training

IMPACT was created on the theme of the Validation of Learning Outcomes in Informal and Non-formal Learning (VINFL) which will be implemented in 2018.

Since 2002 EU frameworks and instruments like EQF, ECVET, EUROPASS and others have been implemented to facilitate transparency of qualifications and competences and foster mobility. However, VINFL has not yet sufficiently reached the “practical level” of the educational professionals.

IMPACT addressed a number of structural, technical and content related obstacles and challenges that hamper the implementation of VINFL, especially for instance in the Adult Education and Youth sector, but also in rather

informal learning fields in School and Higher Education (e.g. the whole field of Erasmus mobility).

IMPACT aimed to identify and find solutions to the following structural and operational obstacles and weakness in the current implementation of VINFL on the practical level:

  1. Lack of technical interoperability in the field due to missing technical specifications and  Missing connection to IT supported learning and assessment systems and open educational resources (OER) such as open source LMS or e-Portfolios.
  2. Missing outreach and lack of cross-sectoral usability due to
    • a lack of integration of other educational sectors like AE, Youth and School in the VINFL approach and missed opportunities to attract new users and to exploit the full potential of EUROPASS, ECVET and VINFL;
    • a lack of interfaces to key competences and social, personal and organisational competences and
    • a lack of further training and continuing professional development for stakeholders in these sectors and missing networking opportunities among national and European stakeholders on the matter.

Learning Space

IMPACT created a platform with open educational ressources around the topics of competence oriented learning, validation of informal and non-formal learning (VINFL) and IT based learning.To access the platform follow this link and sign up for the institution IMPACT. After your approval, you have full access to view and download the resources provided.


IMPACT has set up a continuing professional development course for educational staff who intends to further develop skills and competences on COL and validation.

The courses will be regularily offered from 2017 onwards.

If you are interested please contact us via this website.

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