Collection: LEVEL5

LEVEL5 - What is it?

In order to show learning developments and build holistic, effective learning systems, all three learning dimensions must be included.

Therefore LEVEL5 is based on a three-dimensional model that visualises the development of:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills and
  • Attitudes

in the so-called LEVEL5 cube on five quality levels.
Using the cube model LEVEL5 can significantly reduce the complexity in the description of learning outcomes hence offering an attractive display system especially for not formalised learning settings.
With LEVEL5 also learning projects outside formal educational institutions or even self-directed learning activities (eg learning in Erasmus mobility programs, while learning the job) can be designed, planned and validated.

LEVEL5 makes it possible to identify, visualise and validate social, personal and organisational competence developments,.
It addresses not only all kinds of educational institutions, volunteer and social organisations to evidence the learning outcomes of their learners.
It is also a tool for the individual "learner" who wants to represent his/her learning outcomes and competence development.
This may serve different purposes, for instance to add evidences to the own competence portfolio (e.g. in connection with a Curriculum vitae) or to organise one's own learning (eg. professional development) in a meaningful way.

For this purpose the REVEAL group offers at an internet-based e-portfolio.
My-Vita is designed to take up all kinds of multimedia files as working and learning documentation, especially LEVEL5 certificates and learning tickets and also the EUROPASS CV form.


The LEVEL5 Cube