BELGIUM - Sjarabang Arts Festival



Sjarabang Arts Festival

Pilot project

Sjarabang annually organises an inclusive arts festival for people with disabilities.

A large number of volunteers guide and support disabled people during their participation in various art workshops.

Time4Society (sister organization of Trendhuis) organises an annual social teambuilding for companies at the arts festival of Sjarabang. This year too, employees of companies such as Bayer, participated as volunteers in supporting people with disabilities.






Earn a volunteers BADGE


This pilot project in Belgium is a great example of learning in a non-formal way in a cultural setting.In this project we have chosen to evaluate the competence 'supporting cultural   participation of people with disabilities' among the volunteers.

The volunteers who participated in the pilot project had never previously worked with people with disabilities.

After a day of helping out at the arts festival, the volunteers who were interested did a test to evaluate the competence ‘supporting cultural participation of people with disabilities’. The test was retrospective. This means that they had to choose a statement before   participation and after participation. The statements were formulated based on the  Level5 method. By taking the test, they could earn an electronic badge.



Art workshops for people with disabilities

Results test

The participants of the pilot project said that after their participation in the arts festival, they acquired more knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of supporting cultural participation of people with disabilities.